The Fainschmitz rises (2021)





1 All of Burk

2 Frann

3 Vielleicht

4 200 Flies

5 Leinen

6 Laura

7 No

8 Nani?!

9 Pizza Margherita

10 Flusen

11 Fishes

12 Good Times




All songs written, produced and performed by Fainschmitz


Recording: Markus Wallner & Fainschmitz

except "Nani?!" recorded by Oliver Brunbauer

Mix: Markus Wallner

Master: Vlado Dzihan (milkshopmastering)

Label: Flusen Records

Distribution: Kloanksl


supported by: Österreichischer Musikfonds, SKE




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"Seemingly simple everyday things are packed in clever thoughts in a highly musical and varied way"

Bayern 2


"Warmest recommendation for this soul balm"



"Fainschmitz combines wink with depth without gravitas and instrumental pieces with charming earwigs"



"Can melancholy be fun? Somehow it works with Fainschmitz"

Tiroler Tageszeitung


"A pretty lifestyle companion, from sunny days to cozy evenings"

Wiener Zeitung


"The many apparent contradictions in the music and in the lyrics are what make Fainschmitz so fascinating"

Dolomiten Magazin




Fainschmitz begins (2018)





1 Dampfer

2 Delphine Zählen

3 Via Con Me

4 Herzschmerz

5 Erinner

6 Nessuno Ci Spiegherà

7 Franci's

8 Mond

9 Geld Ist nicht wichtig

10 Walking On The Burk Side

11 Just Go Now




All songs written, produced and performed by Fainschmitz

except Via con me (Paolo Conte) and

Geld ist nicht wichtig (Knobel, Orling, Simon, Arnie)


Recording & Mix: Oliver Brunbauer, Feedback Studio|2

Master: Kassian Troyer 

Label: Three Saints Records

Distribution: Hoanzl


supported by: SKE




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"The Austrian Summer Jazz CD of 2018" 



"Shrill entertaining and funny in a thought-provoking way"

Concerto Magazin


"An outrageous joy in playing also distinguishes the band on the CD;

This music and its relaxed energy will guide you on a beautiful journey"





Nominated for "Bestenliste 4/18 zum Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"